• A guard finds black Bois, then traps them and prepares for war.
  • The king that has a kingdom with high tech will clone himself, so the next cloned king will have a cloned younger body and a soul trapped inside, but this cloned king might not know this thing so he makes more clone kings like him that do not cares about.
  • They just have younger cloned bodies while their soul is trapped inside.
  • This problem might continue until a cloned king, maybe even a teenager cloned king ( that is quite possible ) will notice the problem of cloning kings is that they just make a cloned younger body with a soul trapped inside it So this is the problem that might cause the kingdom to be destroyed by cloning, and that is unexpected in a high tech space kingdom.
  • So this good teenager or other kings that are cloned might want to not cloning more of those cloned younger body that has a soul trapped inside to prevent the need to actually make new king instead of cloning kings, but when this teenager king gets in charge he might not be available to make real kings instead of cloning them because he is cloned so he cannot do that.
  • This might let him end his life or give up, but he might give the place of the king to someone else that can make more kings.



主演:李·佩斯 杰瑞德·哈里斯 

导演:鲁伯特·桑德斯 编剧:大卫·S·高耶 David S. Goyer/乔什·弗莱德曼 Josh Friedman/艾萨克·阿西莫夫 Isaac Asimov